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Apple ios 11

"Hi, I updated my phone to ios 11 and it tells me that NDVR client needs to be updated and I do not have access to viewing the cameras. I have many Netvision systems. Do you have an app or is there any another generic app that would allow me to viem my cameras with IOS 11? Thanks"

Please search NVSS Client in APP store, if you use NV capture card, then you can only use a android version NDVR Client. because NV capture card use nonstandard H.264 which can't be deoded by NVSS Client, NDVR Client is designed for capture card. so you can use it. Also the NDVR Client is a 32bit software, it needs 64it Hikvision SDK to update to be 64bit software so that it can be uploaded to APP store., but Hikvision don't provide any longer, so you can olny use a android version NDVR Client. Thanks!