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Intelligent Video Analysis

  •  Intelligent Video Analysis for more intelligent surveillance
     Seven IVA function including Face Detection, Intrution Detection, Movement Direction Detection etc. adapt complicated different occasions
     IVA makes your surveillance more professional

HD IP System Solution

  • 16 / 24 channel D1 preview and 1080P / 720P single preview
     24 * 720P with 3Mb/s @25 fps / 16 * 1080P with 6Mb/s  @25fps recording
     Support more than 20 world's famous brands of IP cameras
    Advanced solution to save CPU and RAM and make the system more stable


  • Up to 32 POS machine connection supported
     Multi channel POS Playback supported
     Filter POS data and video according keywords supported
     Change display color for pre-difined keywords supported

Powerful Playback

  •  Support up to 16 channel synchronously playback
     Support Record type filter
     Support Smart Search, Icon Search
     Both video and audio can be converted to AVI / MS MPG4 format

Group Display

  •  Display special camera in special window supported
     Up to 16 groups with 1-64 split mode for each group supported
     Pre-defined Sequence & Close image display for saving resources
     Support software start to display a pre-defined group

Permission Management

  •  Two level user permission management
     Camera view / playback / audio / PTZ right lockable to special user
     15 User Access Rights and 6 Setup Rights lockable to special user