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Device Tree & Permission Management

  • Support Device Tree Manage function
    ● Support up to 3 layers Device
    ● Permission for different user to each folder
    ● NVMP Client(both PC based iOS / Android based) can connect CMS by authorized user ID and get permitted

Multi-DVR Playback

  • Support to playback video from different Hybrid NDVR / standalone DVRs
    ● Support maximum 16 channels at the same time
    ● Support synchro playback, adjust play speed
    ● Support to convert video and audio AVI / MS MPG4 format

Redundant NDVR

  •  Prevent important datas lost for some IPCs in an NDVR
     The redundant NDVR will connect all IPCs on the associated NDVRs if they are detected not running normally
     One redundant NDVR could associate with many others to make it more effective

Powerful E-map

  •  Support Multi-layer customized Emap
     Alarmed cameras instant pop up display & auto adjust split mode

Virtual Matrix

  •  Support up to 24 monitors with 1-16 split for each monitor
     Video displayed in each window adjustable and sequence available
     Support to display all analogue or IP video
     Support more than 20 world's famous brands of IP devices

Powerful Group Display

  •  Support users to connect a number of cameras conviniently
     Up to 64 camera each group support and up to 64 groups supported
     User friendly Design: One button to switch between different groups