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New version 5.74 had been released!
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New version 5.74 had been released!
The Netvision development team would like to announce the availability of Netvision Hybrid NDVR(N) 5.74 and CMS Client 5.74.

This release:
1. add e-PTZ function in preview;
2. upgrade DG card SDK and driver to support DG4304HD card;
3. upgrade DX,DK series SDK to fix some bug in previous version;
4. upgrade NV series SDK to support hikvision embedded NVR and some new model IPC;
5. upgrade playback to support POS text preview in NDVR Local playback(this function only for x.74N version);
6. fix serval small bug;

All users of software before 5.74 are encouraged to upgrade to this release, especially when you have the following requirements:
1. You want to use e-PTZ function for HD IP Cameras
2. You want to use new economic DG4304HD card
3. You want to use some new model of Hikvision IP cameras and Embedded NVRs
4. You want to view POS message just in Playback interface

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