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64bit Linux CMS/VMS Software Specification

64G SSD with 64bit Linux OS and NVMS software

NVMS software is a Linux CMS/VMS Software, it is installed into mSata card which is with a Linux OS, also this mSata card supports all motherboards with intel CPU (support GPU hardware decoding), including 3th, 4th, 5th,6th,7th intel celeron, Pentium, core i3/i5/l7 CPU; supports dual monitors; 6th / 7th intel CPU with skylake display card, supports H.265 hardware decode;


NVMS--A X64 Architecture-based Embedded Linux Super Network Video Manage System. Max 144ch D1, 81ch 720P, 36ch 1080P live view, Max. 16channel simultaneous playback; CPU & Log information realtime display.

Main Features

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Special Features

Friendly main interface

256 IP devices
Realtime CPU information
Realtime Log information

Group display

Support 4K resolution, 144 splits for main monitor.
Max. 16 display groups for each monitor
Support sequence in every display window
Support to display special group when startup
Support to drag any camera into any window and save it as a display group.

POS Playback

Max. 16 channels video remote playback with POS information

Event / Alarm trigger

Motion linkage Email / buzzer / DO
IP disconnect trigger Email / buzzer / DO

Automatically add IP devices

1. User defines the IP address range
2. User defines the devices names
3. NVMS can scan cameras and modify IP address & Name for them and then add into the system automatically.

Permission Management

Two level user permission management:Manager and operator
Playback, capture picture , channel setting , preview video , PTZ control
20 User Access Rights lockable to special user

Camera Settings

Display Setting
Video Setting
Motion Detection
Privacy Mask
Alarm Input Setting
PTZ Setting
Linkage Setting.

Remote Backup

Remote backup
Convert to AVI format when backup
Backup onto USB Disk

Share Mouse & Keyboard

Special method for sharing Mouse and Keyboard for several NVSS

Remote Help

With desktop version, users can use VNC and TeamViewer to connect to a remote NVSS system to help end users to setup correctly, check problems, debug, fixing problems

Remote manage

when use NVMS to manage the NVSS, user can add / delete / modify all the IPC or face list of NVSS and resart NVSS via NVMS

Detailed Features


Max 256 input, Support NVSS, Hybrid NDVR, Hikvision Dahua NVR DVR
Support remote live view, synchronous playback, backup
Useful UI with CPU / HDD / Log information realtime display
1 VGA, 1 HDMI output, max. 4k resolution
OSD & LOGO adjust position freely
Support E-map.
IP Keyboard for PTZ control and preview control

Permission management and system protection

Two level user permission management:Manager and operator
Playback, capture picture , channel setting , preview video , PTZ control
20 User Access Rights lockable to special user.


Support to choose different NVSS server to playback
Max. 16 channel synchronous playback
Accurate to the exact moment / second and play
Filter record by different record mode

PTZ Function

Control PTZ or speed demo through network by mouse
Motion / Sensor alarm trigger PTZ to call a preset
Set preset position for each camera independently
Tour all preset position

Alarm Function

sensor input and output
Sound warning when alarming for each camera / sensor
Send Email automatically when camera or sensor alarming


Location of alarm information
Display the alarm video derectly

Network Function

Support P2P、ADSL、DDNS、LAN、Internet etc.
Built in DNS for adding IP devices through Dynamic Name
It adopts advanced network compression technology

Remote Pos playback

Support Max.4 ch to playback with pos data from NVSS
support pos filter which can filter the data you want to show on image

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