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Mobile NVSS Client Software Specification


Special Features

Live Stream

Support 4/9/16 split preview
Support screenshot
Support PTZ control
Double click preview with single split
Slid interface to switch the camera to preview

Remote Playback

Support to choose the date and time to playback
Support to backup video to phone
Support screenshot
Support to play by frame and pause display

File Playback

Support to play the video backuped from remote playback
Support screenshot
Support to play by frame and pause display

DO control

Support to manage / control the DO of NVSS / Hybrid NDVR by your choise

Alarm Management

Support to choose the device you want to get alarm information
Support to choose the type of alarm information you wan to get from camera and storage server
Support to clear push notify data
push the alarm information to phone real time from NVSS Client software

Log Search

Support to choose device to get log information
Support to set date and time to search log
There are 5 kind of alarm type to filter the log information

Detailed Features


Support up to 16 channels live preview, PTZ control
Support remote playback and backup record to phone
Support connecting to our NVSS directly by P2P or custom
Support swiping screen to switch cameras to preview
Support to manage / control the DO
alarm push function


Support to backup video to phone from remote playback
support to capture picture and save to phone

Remote Playback

Playback with 1 split
Support to choose date and time you want to playback

PTZ Function

Control PTZ or speed demo through network
Support to call a preset you have set

Alarm Function

Push alarm information real time.
Support to choose device and alarm you want to get information
Send message from software to your phone.

Network Function

Support to connect device with TCP/ P2P

Multilingual switching

Support to switch language, such as English, Chinese, Russian, French

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